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Free Lot Giveaway

Have you ever thought about building a home in Wagner?
Did you know you can get a lot for FREE!?

How to get your free lot:

1. Check out available lots here

2. Get your house plans drawn up

3. Fill out the application, which can be downloaded at here.

4. Wait for your response

5. Sign the contracts

6. Build your home!

These lots are offered for free thanks to the City of Wagner!

Questions? Call Laura at  (6O5)-481-1670

Minimum construction requirements must be met to receive a free lot.  These standards include but are not limited to:

  • A single family or duplex residential housing unit must be started within 180 days of accepting the lot.

  • Property must be completed within 18 months.

  • The house, or each housing unit, shall have at least 1,300 square feet of above-ground living space.

  • The property must have an appraised value of at least $100,000 upon completion.

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